“Something that every handy person needs the best of is penetrating oil. Polytron is the best penetrating oil out there. It’s gentle enough to be used by the average homeowner and robust enough to be used by industrial machines. It doesn’t void warranties and helps improve the tools.

Something that’s good for everyone, Polytron Penetrating Lubricant breaks down rust and corrosion. This makes your machines last longer; there aren’t any small particles left behind to cause damage to the engines. It’s also safe for the electrical equipment. It cleans and retards electrical corrosion so those sensitive circuit boards and circuit breakers will last longer.

After using Polytron’s Penetrating Lubricant to clean your machines, it also protects them from moisture and helps protect against extra wear. Polytron has designed this lubricant to protect at the molecular level. Wherever there’s a lot of friction the oil binds to the molecules to create a slicker surface, reducing overall resistance.

Because the lubricant reduces friction, it also lessens the amount of power consumption needed to do the same job. It also reduces operating temperature and noise of the machines, all of this results in an increased lifespan of your machinery. For your drilling or cutting tools, this lubricant helps them stay sharp much longer and helps give a cleaner and smoother finished surface.

It lasts twenty times longer than WD-40 and is environmentally friendly. Polytron doesn’t use any solids or Teflon in their oils which means there’s no copper or any other sort of toxic material. You’re getting a double positive with their products; you’re taking better care of your machines and helping the environment.

I would recommend Polytron’s Penetrating Lubricant for the everyday homeowner and the industrial maintainer. Their product is good enough to keep the industrial machines running smoothly and safe enough for everyone to use.”

Username of writer: abackus