“It is very horrible to imagine that machinery operated without grease in it, in the present scenario we can see that, executing any work is very easy because of machinery but for the maintenance of machines it is very important for the industrialists and business owners to maintain the life of machinery which is only possible with the help of good qualities lubricants.Machines which are used for the constructions, roads making, agricultural machines are very costly one cannot invest money again and again in the machines for this reason maintenance of them is very necessary and important for the business owners and for who operate them. In order to find best lubricant industrialists or business owners can purchase Polytron EP2 grease for the machinery maintenance because of its reliability and stability. If you want to expand your business on a large scale then first you need to expand the life of your machines so that better outcomes can be generated from the business. A good stuff of machines also attracts lot of customers toward the company; machines are made from iron but good quality lubricants makes them valuable and workable.

High wearing workload machines can be maintained with the help of excellent quality lubricants like grease. It is observed that heavy machinery undergo with the toughest conditions like, mining, deep-sea, rock quarry, agriculture, drilling etc. in order to reduce pressure from machines PLYTRON EP2 lubricants can be used because it reduces or minimizes the high pressure during the workload. While on the other hand it also increases the reliability which gives you relaxing mind; EP2 grease mostly used by the industrialists because it gives high performance and also increases the life of machineries.

PLYTRON EP2 grease lubricant is very effective in heavy machinery because it also protect machine even of sudden loss of oil. One can use this lubricant and can avoid the percentage of catastrophic damages; if someone has big and heavier industry one must use this lubricant, apart from this U.S.A is the only country which made all the POLYTRON products. EP2 grease is the lubricant which is used for multipurpose because of its outstanding performance and extraordinary properties. While on the other hand heavy industrialists owners can maintain their equipment maintenance cost and frequency as well.”

Product description

“POLYTRON EP-2 Best lithium grease: Polytron EP2 is the best lithium grease which maintains the wide range of temperature of machines. For making it quality base oils, lithium complex soap is sued while on the other hand anti wear grating and high quality scientific engineering is also used which makes it water resistance or rust protection. Amazing and unbelievable results are achieved by the Polytron EP2 grease almost in every area like industrial or commercial. EP2 lithium grease always possesses high temperature features, extraordinary stability and properties of water resistance. High quality benefits are listed.

  • Electronic motors of NEMA used Polytron EP2 grease for its insulation class of A and b types.
  • EP2 grease always maintains the durability of machines and does not soften easily even in high speed.
  • One of the excellent and best products for the industrial and automotive equipment’s
  • EP2 grease is used in trucks, boats, passenger cars, railroads etc.
  • It is also used in Pinion gears, U-Joints, drilling machines, rack, joint bushings etc.
  • It can be used in tractors like Navistar and caterpillar
  • Polytron EP2 grease is used in steering system, fifth wheels, wheal bearing, cables, chassis bearing, slides, roller chains etc.

What you can expect from EP2 Grease, General Grease: Some are very important result you can expect from EP2 grease which are listed below please have a look.

  • By using this general or EP2 grease you can minimizes the cost of maintenance by up to 60 percent.
  • Cost of wear can be eliminated by up to 95% which no other lubricants will give you.
  • Under pressure excellent result you will get, it also maintains the temperature of machines according to the conditions.
  • You will get water protection.
  • Noise during the operations will be lower.
  • It also protects the equipment’s from high pressure and contamination.
  • Polytron EP2 grease helps in increasing the durability of machines.
  • EP2 grease is mostly preferred and used by the mechanics in order to enhance the life of machines.
  • In terms of machines EP2 grease is the most reliable product in the USA.”

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