“I recently had to make a switch after my classic car experienced catastrophic engine failure. Apart from the heartbreak of seeing my pride and joy nearly reduced to scraps, I was out thousands of dollars. After licking my wounds and nursing my bank account back to good health, I set out to make sure that something like this didn’t happen to me again.

I love my car and have kept her road worthy for decades, but unbeknownst to me, I was living in a fool’s paradise. Simply put, the regular oil changes just weren’t enough. I needed to invest in an oil additive that would help to keep all of my car’s moving parts, well, moving.

What I found was Polytron, a company whose approach to engines and engine maintenance is unique. The Polytron label meant innovation and a focus on not only doing things better but doing things differently. For my beloved classic, I chose Polytron MTC as an oil additive. What follows is my review for Polytron MTC, one of the shining stars in the Polytron family of products.

What makes Polytron MTC (Metal Treatment Concentrate) different from other oil additives?


Most oil additives focus on treating the oil. They use solid fragments, Teflon, boron, or other modifiers to change the viscosity of the oil. Only Polytron concentrates on the thing that matters most to you. The engine Polytron MTC creates a thin, polish like layer on the metal surface of the engine, protecting the motor itself from wear and tear.

The surfaces remain “treated” even if the engine’s lubricant isn’t in contact with parts in motion. This microlayer is especially useful during cold starts. The benefit to you? A reduced risk of catastrophic engine failure, even in the event of a sudden loss of lubricant.

So, how does this work?

From your perspective the process is simple. Add 10% by volume to your system’s primary lubricant. Polytron MTC is compatible with all motor oils and works in most motors. Polytron MTC is formulated to undergo a metallurgical process within your engine to provide a stronger, smoother, heat resistant surface to all of your engine’s surfaces and moving parts.

The result is a smoother ride and lower internal engine temperatures. Polytron MTC resists extreme heat, cold, and stress, reducing the impact on your engine by as much as 95%, making it the best engine treatment on the market.

That’s enough of a reason for me to personally endorse the product, but there is more. Polytron MTC is an excellent dispersant, extending the life of my filter and dispersing build up from previous products. The unique patented formula holds sludge in suspension and prevents the build up of varnish and carbon deposits.

My first oil change after using this product was surprisingly dirty, but my mechanic assured me that with continued use, I would see improvements. He proves as good as his words, and by the third oil change my oil was coming out clean. That is a difference that you can see.

The cumulative effect is

  • better gas mileage (by as much as 35%)longer intervals between service stops, lower
  • longer intervals between service stops
  • lower operating temperature and noise
  • reduced maintenance costs (by as much as 60%)

When it comes to performance, there is no such thing as a magic bullet, but if there were, Polytron MTC would be it. The shifting between gears is much smoother than it used to be, and I haven’t had to clean the sludge out of my engine in months. I simply add it during my routine oil changes and drive. Users have found that older engines were revitalized after adding Polytron MTC to their regular maintenance routine. Others report avoiding transmission failure all together.

Although most people I know use this product in their vehicles, it’s usefulness is not limited to trucks and cars. Polytron MTC can be used in conjunction with cutting oils, hydraulic oils, way oils, and gear lubricants. Regardless of the application, the superior protection of Polytron MTC remains the same. Just add 10% by volume and watch it extend the life of your equipment and protect your investments.

Polytron MTC is a product you can recommend with confidence. As for my classic car and I , well we are still on the road, accumulating miles in style. And I can rest easy when I pull out of my driveway, knowing that Polytron MTC is protecting the part of my vehicle that is most important to me.”

Username of writer: safura9595