Penetrating lubricant

Penetrating lubricant is oil with very low-viscosity which is used to be used penetrate (hence the name) into narrow spaces between two metal parts or between threads. It is most specifically used to lubricate things like nuts and bolts so that the nuts can be removed easily.

The oil is used to remove rust and other particles that may be causing blockage or additional friction. While it can be used as a general-purpose oil for lubrication and cleaning, it is not advisable to use penetrating oil for lubrication or protection against corrosion since it evaporates quickly and therefore becomes useless in those uses.

Polytron Penetrating Lubricant

Polytron PL can be used for general purpose – such as repairs around the home, cleaning and lubricating guns and fishing reels, and on small machinery – as well as on heavy equipment. It can be mixed with machining oil and other lubricants that can be applied to industrial machines. Polytron PL can break loose and remove extreme rust and other sticky blockage or residue, leaving your equipment parts moving smoothly.

Moreover, Polytron MTC is incorporated in Polytron PL, making it the best penetrating lubricant in the market. The proprietary technology that makes Polytron MTC an industry leader treats the metal surfaces, making them harder and more polished through a penetrating metallurgical process. This makes the metal parts more durable while also reducing friction between moving metallic parts. Thus, efficiency of any machine is increased by applying Polytron PL.

Polytron PL is free of any viscosity modifiers or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2). It acts faster and for longer than other penetrating oils in the market, such as WD-40TM – Polytron PL lasts up to 20 times longer than WD-40TM penetrating oil.

Home uses for Polytron PL include cleaning and lubricating hinges, locks and tools (like drilling machines). Industrial purposes include application in pneumatic tools, valves, and HVAC among others. General purpose usage can be anything from car repairs to cleaning electrical musical instruments and removing chewing gum stuck in unwanted places.

Polytron PL is also available as a spray which is very useful is providing some force during application to remove seized rust or grime. Spray application also helps get to parts which are hard to access even though the penetrating lubricant may have low viscosity. It can be much easier to aim and apply the lubricant using spray cans when the parts are hard to reach.