In the US, the government requires all fuel companies to reduce the sulfur content in diesel fuel. Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) was mandated in order to reduce emissions. However, it has lower energy content which leads to reduced fuel economy (1% to 2%) and reduced lubricity. Lower lubrication is not good for engines and injector systems which need to be well-lubricated to function smoothly and for long periods of time.

Polytron’s Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Conditioner (GDFC) has been formulated in such a way that it compensates for any reduced lubricity in the base fuel, whether gas or diesel, so as to ensure smooth running of engines. Polytron GDFC addresses the specific problem of lack of lubrication especially in diesel fuel. It conditions the diesel by adding or supplementing the properties that it is missing or lacking. Thus, it enhances the performance of the fuel and thereby that of the vehicle itself. GDFC can also break down the surface tension of water that accumulates due to condensation in diesel fuel. GDFC can be used with any gasoline or diesel fuel.

The lack of lubricity is especially a challenge for heavy-utility vehicles, like carrier/container trucks and pickups, that are wholly dependent on diesel fuel. Gasoline is more highly refined than diesel, so it requires lesser additives to improve its properties. Polytron GDFC is designed to make fuel combustion cleaner and more efficient. It lubricates the entire fuel system and the upper part of the engine as well as help remove carbon deposit and prevention of carbon build-up. Regular use ensures that exhaust pollutants are decreased by more than 50%. It is EPA registered. With all of these properties, GDFC enables better engine performance, which means that mileage can be improved to up to 35% more.

Polytron GDFC is the best fuel conditioner for diesel engines because it only requires 0.1% by volume mixed to the fuel to be able to provide clean emissions, longevity to the engine, improved fuel mileage, and more horsepower and torque. This greatly reduces costs, expecially for companies or business’ that have big fleets of trucks that run on diesel. Polytron’s technologically advanced fuel conditioner does not include any viscosity modifiers or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2). GDFC has been engineered to enhance lubricity and performance in low sulfur fuels, like diesel.

Trucks and heavy equipment are a big investment for anyone. To avoid frequent repairs arising from wear, use Polytron GDFC to increase their life and performance. Use Polytron MTC along with GDFC for best results.

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