Grease is used to lubricate moving part in any type of machinery, be it in vehicles, small machines or heavy equipment. It is even used in simple machines, like door hinges, to make sure that the different moving parts interact smoothly with as little friction as possible. Grease is semi-solid, so it works in mechanisms where lubricating oils cannot stay in place. Application include all kinds of bearings and threads, ball joints, chassis points, and any type of surfaces that slide and rub against each other.

Lithium Grease

One type of grease is the extreme pressure (EP) lithium grease. EP Lithium grease is a multi-purpose grease, which means it can be utilised in a variety of applications, such as in wheel bearing as well as the chassis of a vehicle. It is made from lithium soap stock, giving it the properties of chemical stability, good performance in extreme pressure and temperatures, and water resistance. These properties make it the perfect choice for multi-purpose application. It is suitable for general use as well as for lubricating heavy machinery like truck engine parts and minin equipment.

Polytron EP-2 Lithium Grease

Polytron does not use any viscosity modifiers, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2). Polytron EP-2 Lithium Grease is made with lithium complex soap, high qualty base oils, and Polytron’s proprietary anti-wear friction formula which forms a polished and hardened micro-layer on metal surfaces to reduce friction and decrease wear and corrosion. The 90% decrease in wear enhances the life of the metal parts by up to a hundred times, leading to 60% lesser maintenance and up-keep costs.

Since it is a lithium complex grease, it is able to withstand high pressure and temperature. Machinery will last longer due to protection from extreme environment as well as from water and other contaminants. As you can see, Polytron EP-2 has a wide range of application and can serve as all-purpose grease.

Superior Quality

Polytron EP-2’s superior quality is also evident in the fact that it can be used in electric motors with NEMA insulation class A and B. Viscosity of the EP-2 is highly dependable due to its chemical stability. This means that it will not soften quickly when applied in parts that move in high speed, like in rolling contact bearings. The bearings are also protected from contamination because Polytron EP-2 acts as a good seal. Lubrication and reduction of contamination and wear leads to better efficiency of machinery and lower consumption of energy.