“Polytron Penetrating Lubricant is for people who are looking for the best lubricant that can be obtained on the market to date. Polytron lubricants do not use any viscosity modifiers or solids in their products making it the best on the market. The penetrating lubricant can be used on anything that needs as little friction as possible to extend the life of the device. When you’re working on an old piece of machinery, you need a lubricant that will work with you. That’s one of the things that Polytron’s lubricants do. They’re designed to break down rust and corrosion. While the rust and corrosion are being broken down, it’s also lubricating and protecting the metal. The idea is to make the machine better protected after using a lubricant then it was before. Part of how it does this is by bonding to the metal where the friction is at. So if there’s one spot that’s always getting a lot of friction, the lubricant will bond to the metal at the place to make it slide easier naturally. It helps eliminate wear because of the reduction in resistance; it also reduces operating temperature and noise. So not all do you have longer lasting machines, but you have quieter more efficient tools. This is a win-win situation for business or a hobbyist who’s just looking to take good care of his equipment. For electrical equipment it cleans and retards electrical corrosion, increasing the life span of circuit boards and circuit breakers. This is a problem for anyone who’s working on machines that aren’t just machinery but also have electrical parts. For cutting tools, the edges stay sharp much longer, and the finish surface is smoother and cleaner. On top of all of the uses, Polytron Penetrating lubricant last twenty times longer than WD-40. The biggest con I see for this product is that with it lasting so long the company won’t be able to sell enough to stay in business. However, there are more uses for their products. I wouldn’t use WD-40 on my pistols because it’s too sticky. However, I’ve heard only good things from people who have used it on their guns. Since this can be used safely on guns, it’s also safe to use with chainsaws, fishing reels or that annoying hinge that keeps squeaking. For people who are looking for a product that will work in an industrial environment look no further. Polytron Penetrating Lubricant is up to the tasks that the industrial environment can give it. You can use it in motors, slides, and anything that needs low friction. It’s an oil that’s safe for home use and hardy enough for industrial purposes. Polytron Lubricants are 100% guaranteed pure petroleum based products. There are no solids such as Teflon or potentially toxic and environmentally unfriendly materials in Polytron products. Using Polytron products on your gun or machine won’t void any warranty that you have. Polytron Penetrating Lubricant isn’t changing the material or craftsmanship which is what the warranty covers, all it’s doing is reducing friction and helping the machine work better. Polytron’s products are environmentally friendly. This is a problem for everyone in today’s age, trying to be kind to our environment and making it better for the next generations. Polytron has made that a little bit easier by creating a product that’s good and environmentally friendly. They manage this by using a breakthrough in technology that’s proprietary to them. They’ve created a lubricant that actively works to reduce friction at the molecular level to improve the life of your car, gun, or high-end industrial machine. After looking at their technology, and how efficient their lubricant is I have to say I’m impressed. WD-40 has been the gold standard for years; now they have competition for that number one spot. I will happily use something that works as well on my guns as on the hinges of my doors. Even better, Polytron Penetrating Lubricant works as well for the heavy machinery as it does for the homeowner. All in all, it’s an impressive product.” Username of writer: abackus